Become a Green Deal Installer

Buy Pas 2030

The PAS 2030 is the Specification for Installation Process, Process Management and Service Provision for the Green Deal

In order to become a Green Deal Installer and take part in the opportunities available, Installers must have a copy of the PAS 2030 available to them Buy the PAS 2030 here and put in place a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of this document.

The PAS 2030:2012 has been written by the BSI and commissioned by DECC. It sets out the Management Processes Green Deal Installers need to have in place, as well as providing detailed guidance on all of the technologies involved in the Green Deal.

By implementing these processes in your organisation, it ensures that the work undertaken under the Green Deal and ECO will be done to a high standard and continual improvements will be made within your business.

How do I become a Green Deal Installer?

There are 3 main elements to becoming a Green Deal Installer. The first is to have a copy of the PAS 2030 available Buy the PAS 2030 here, the second is to implement a Quality Management System in your organisation and the third is to arrange for a Green Deal Certification Body to visit your premises and a recent installation in order to prove compliance with the PAS 2030.

What is the Green Deal?

The Energy Act 2011 is creating a new framework of finance in order to allow for the installation of fixed energy efficiency measures to existing properties without any upfront payment by the householder or business owner.

These installations will be funded by a charge on energy bills attached to the property so that if the householder ever moves, the new owner takes on the payments.

It will operate on a 'Golden Rule' principle which means that the energy cost savings as a result of the measures will exceed the actual repayment costs.

The process will be consumer driven with the initial enquiry made by the householder or business tenant/owner. An advisor will then visit the property and carry out an in-depth assessment of the property. They will then recommend the relevant energy saving measures and put together a 'Green Deal Plan'. This will be associated with a 'Green Deal Provider'.

The applications to become a provider are currently being processed at the time of writing. Once the Green Deal Plan is agreed, the customer can then choose the installers to undertake the work. They MUST have the Green Deal Quality Mark. Our system will make it as easy as possible to attain the Mark and maintain it.

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